Law Enforcement Course
Police Departments can host an APSC certified course.  The course can
be tailored to fit your needs and can range from 1-3 days depending on
the subjects you want covered.

Contact us to set up a class.
Additional Information
Krav Maga is the world's most battle tested self-defense system, and it
is very adaptable for law enforcement. Obviously, law enforcement
officers are held to a higher standard concerning use of force, and may
need to have different end games in mind compared to the average
citizen protecting himself. Our training will cover the use of force and
response to resistance from the law enforcement perspective, and we
will cover articulating responses to resistance for reporting and
testimony. As you know, every fight a law enforcement officer engages
in should ideally end with a handcuffed suspect(s).

Part of our adaptation for law enforcement includes arrest and control
techniques created around our combatives and concepts. We believe
that an officer properly trained can end violent encounters safely and
quickly, and using such concepts, he/she can often gain control of
suspects before they have a chance to violently resist.

At the end of this course you will be trained in Handgun Disarms, Long
Gun Disarms, Edged Weapon Defenses and Blunt Object Defenses as
well as Fundamental & Dynamic Cuffing and Ground Fighting for Law
For officers that have attended the LEO course, we have a 3 hour
refresher class held twice a year. In this class we review all the
combatives you learned, plus review all of the weapon disarms.  After the
review, you and the "suspect" are padded up and you have to perform all
of the techniques in full contact scenarios.  
Fairbanks Area Officers
Law Enforcement Testimonials
“I found the course to be extremely beneficial, as the
course outlined tactics I have never been shown in my
career.  I will definitely be recommending this course
to my coworkers and friends in law enforcement
should it be offered again.”  
USAF Staff Sgt J.R. (military police, K9)

“His class was intense and informative with real world
scenarios and stress applications.”
C.C. (corrections officer & DT instructor)

“Rob was a consummate professional during the three
day course.  If I were to have the opportunity to attend
another class from him I would certainly do so.”
T.C.  (probation/parole officer)

“Both the training that was provided and the quality of
instruction were among the highest quality I have
experienced as a State LEO."
G.S. (probation/parole officer)

“It was quite an interesting experience and a real eye-
opener.  Hope to do it again sometime.”
T.A. (university police officer)
-Fairbanks Airport Police Department
-Alaska State Troopers (Academy Staff)
-Alaska State Troopers (Fish & Wildlife)
-University of Alaska( Fairbanks) Police
-Alaska Dept of Corrections
-Alaska Adult Probation
-Dept of Natural Resource (Park Rangers)
-North Pole Police Dept
-Wasilla Police Dept
-United States Forest Service (LEO)
-United States Air Force (Military Police)
-United States Army (Intelligence Unit)
Officers/Depts Trained

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