Alaska Krav Maga & Fitness Reviews

Fairbanks Group Fitness

The coaches and instructors are all amazing! I started off on a 6 week challenge and by the end I had reached my goal. I can honestly say that it wouldn't have been with out the staff here at ak Krav Maga &fitness. It doesn't matter where you are in your fitness journey, beginner or advance the staff is so helpful in modifying your workout if injured or unable.they gave me the tools and info that I needed to succeed and were there for me when I had questions or concerns.I've gone to multiply gyms and fitness clubs and I've never had as much fun or felt so comfortable in my life. A variety of classes are offered all through the week, if you haven't tried a HIIT or strike fit class I highly recommend!

Jenn R.

Fairbanks Group Fitness

I did the 6-week challenge. While there I had never had the same class twice, each one was different and offered a unique workout. The instructors, Fawn and Kerry, were great at keeping the class energy fun and exciting. They also made sure to provide as many modifications as needed for anyone who needed them. Overall it was a fast and involved 6 weeks.

Lindsey G.

I absolutely love this place! A phenomenal place to learn with, no judgement. They have incredible skills and knowledge. I love their enthusiasm for teaching. The team makes you feel comfortable, no matter what fitness or skill level you start from. My young daughters have completed their kids program. They loved it! They definitely get 5 stars!

Christy C.

Fairbanks Group Fitness

My first class was easy to mingle in and got to share in some laughs and feel very accepted. Instructor was great and excited to continue StrikeFit and as my body progresses - expand to other aspects of Krav Maga.

Katelyn P.

Fairbanks Group Fitness

I can't say enough about this place. They make it fun to get into shape.

Terri P.

Fairbanks Group Fitness

I do not enjoy exercising at all....but I love their classes!

Shanna T.

Fairbanks Group Fitness

So far I have no complaints! They are helping me change my life for the better and I'll forever be grateful for that!

Rhandi E.

Fairbanks Group Fitness

Took the active shooter class, really enjoyed it and learned good techniques.

Elizabeth M.

Fairbanks Group Fitness

Instructors are kind, encouraging and willing to push you to your limits! Fun place to learn self defense and become more fit.

Shannon M.

Fairbanks Group Fitness

The training staff at AKM is second to none. They provide realistic, practical training, which has given me the skills to deal with violent offenders in my line of work. A great place to learn and work out for law enforcement and civilians alike

Alex S.

Fairbanks Group Fitness

I had the privilege of working with people from Alaska Krav Maga and Fitness. They are so awesome and I see a trip in my future to come train with them. Also would love to have them in Tucson sometime!

Celia W.

Fairbanks Group Fitness

Great place to train and improve yourself. Highly recommend everyone to stop by and take an intro lesson.

Jeff T.

Fairbanks Group Fitness

Caring people. Best open space Gym for their specialities.

Megan K.

Fairbanks Group Fitness

Aaaaammaaazing!! :D such a wonderful place and great people! <3

Zoe R.

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