AKM Newsletter, December 2017



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.  The New Year is fast approaching and there are some of you that have slipped off the radar.  You originally joined us because you had motivation to attack your goals but life gets in the way and it is often easier to make excuses and stop working towards those goals.  But remember the only way to obtain things in life is through dedication and hard work.  That means that if your goals are to get fit or learn a skillset that makes you hard to kill then you need to actually be making steps towards that achievement and you can do that by stepping foot through our front door.


A lot of our members have had huge success with a variety of goals.  Some loosing over 100 pounds, some becoming in better shape than they were in high school (many of these from our ladies only challenges), some have learned to grapple and even become state champs, some have used the skills they learn from us to confront violence head on.   What all of these people have in common is they didn’t stop coming to AKM.  So if you are a member and haven’t swung by in a while then I expect to see you in January! Now for the newsletter.



We have two different 5 week boot camps kicking off in January. Both are MWF, but the 10am track is a combination of StrikeFit, HIIT and a bit of Insanity.  The 430pm track is a mixture of StrikeFit, HIIT but in addition to that we will introduce you to some of our other programs, like Olympic Lifting, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Krav Maga, etc.


Cost is $195 for the 5 week program (15 instructor led classes). It includes a set of boxing gloves (or shirt if you have your own gloves) and an in-depth meal plan, body composition measurements (optional) and nutritional advice before and after completion of the camp (January 7 and February 10 at 1pm).  We are only allowing 16 spots per track, so grab a friend and sign up





Our Warrior 100 club resets January 1st.  This is for any member that hits 100 classes at AKM during a calendar year.  This is one way to help you stay on track to achieving your goals. If you hit that mark you will get a special kick butt shirt plus your name and picture posted in our lobby to let everyone know you are dedicated to your goals. We are even going to throw in a $100 gift card to our pro shop for the first person to hit the mark!  This is another reason you want to check yourself into classes via Zenplanner (that is how the attendance is kept).



Our Strength Training class (aka Olympic lifting) took a while for people to try it out, but now the classes are pretty full.  We have ordered more equipment and will have a couple more platforms added by January.  The only change to the schedule is the Friday Class will be cancelled for members during the Kickstart Bootcamp as the 430-530 spot will be taken up by boot campers.


We are looking forward to seeing you on the mat!

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