New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year for new fitness and health goals, all of which I love to see! But if your New Year’s Resolutions include changing your diet, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed or confused on where to start. That’s okay and completely normal. Here at Alaska Krav Maga & Fitness in Fairbanks we will give you a few tips to help you get started and help you stick to it.

  1. Start small if you’re feeling overwhelmed

Many people make the mistake of setting goals that are too ambitious. The problem with this is that it can leave you feeling like you’re failing, even though you may actually be making progress. Feeling failure usually makes people want to give up, and this is counterproductive to accomplishing your resolutions. Studies have shown that setting small goals keeps people motivated for a longer amount of time with higher success rates. It’s better to set small goals that you can measure – small changes add up over time and are easier to keep track of. Example: Cutting soda completely out of my diet may seem impossible when I drink 3 cans a day. But if I say I want to cut down to 1 can a day this month, that may seem more reasonable to me, therefore I’ll stick to it, and I will feel accomplished.

  1. Set a time line and be specific

It’s better to say, “I will drink 1 soda a day for a month”, rather than, “I want to drink less soda. The first example is measurable and timely. This gives you a target and a deadline to measure your adherence. The second statement is too vague and there’s no way for you to honestly know if you’re meeting your goal.

  1. Re-access your goals and adjust

Once you get to the end of a goal (ex: the one month of 1 can soda/day) or every couple of weeks, think about your progress, where you fell short, and how to improve. If I ended up drinking 2 sodas a day and I noticed it happened at work, I would make it a rule to not bring dollar bills to work so I can’t use the vending machine and bring a water bottle with me. Then I’d say: “Now I’m reading to cut down to ___ sodas per week.” Or maybe I’d be ready to cut it out completely. Re-accessing your goals and progress is one of the most important parts of goal setting. It will allow you to catch things you may be doing that aren’t working and pick out things that DO work.

  1. Celebrate your successes and remember that progress is not always linear

It’s important to let yourself celebrate your wins. Celebrate with a Netflix show, a movie night, a manicure, new workout clothes, read a book you’ve been putting off, take time to yourself to do something you love. Allow yourself “you time” – something outside of a food reward. Also, those celebrations may come with some bumps in the road, and that’s expected to happen! Don’t give up when they do, but instead choose to keep going with your plan.



  1. Write it down

The human brain does not like to let itself down because it causes stress. This is where the idea “speak it into existence” comes from. Try saying your goals out loud and writing them down to increase the likelihood that you will stick to them. This also allows you to access your progress from time to time, and it reminds you why it was important to you in the first place.

These are just a few ideas, you can use one, or a combination of them, or all of them. There are of course many strategies for habit changing and goal setting. If you would like help setting goals and an action plan, we are available for 1-on-1 nutrition adviser sessions. To make an appointment, go to out website, click “Schedule” and then “Make Appointment”.  Or just click the link below

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