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Performance based training in Fairbanks Alaska at Alaska Krav Maga & Fitness,


Many will read the title and think "That Rick is off his rocker again!" Hear me out!! Many of us go through our lives performing tasks of all different types. Whether it be at work, while at home or at the gym we all perform differently.  So how does this relate to me or AKM? Let's review.


     Many of us drudge through our activities with a certain level of performance anxiety.  This is drilled into us from when we were younger in the pass/fail mentality.  This is referred to as outcome based training. This is how much, how many, how fast. Execution of a task with consideration of the consequences: will I succeed or will I fail? This has plagued many of us who try to get better at our workouts and can ultimately sabotage your success.


     Performance based training is what we should be trying to achieve.  Performance based training is how well you can perform a task with what you have and we we all perform differently.  Although you may not see the difference between the two, let's put it into context.


     Outcome based training is usually from a hierarchy type structure. Someone from the top passes some form of standards for others to follow. Others in the chain repeat these standards but few know what they are about, how to implement them or quite frankly, how to be a coach or mentor. This is easy in outcome based training. It puts a lot of stress on folks during "crunch time" and isn't a true reflection of the person or what they have "learned"


     Performance based is more like a professional athlete.  With proper training, education and positive coaching/mentoring, a individual can truly learn and become better. Every athlete strives to get that extra foot from a throw, an extra inch or two from a jump to an extra pound or two from a lift. The key is are you just incrementally better today than you were yesterday? Small incremental steps are the key to climbing the ladder of success. Soooooooo,  how does this relate to the title? ! Glad you asked.


     As stated before we all perform differently. Although, when we see someone who performs it better than we do we get discouraged, or begin to rationalize their success. "They are soooo talented" is a common phrase that I hear at the gym, the shooting ranges or at work functions.  There may be a smidge of truth to this but the reality is...NOPE.


     This phrase allows us to rationalize our NOT performing and it shouldn't! What we don't know is how many reps, how much blood, sweat and tears that individual has sacrificed to get to that level. This is HARD WORK and perseverance, not some innate ability. This isn't meant to discourage others but in fact strengthen resolve.  You CAN get to that next level! I'm not trying to sell a romantic idea of telling folks "make the impossible. ...possible " because that would be reckless. What I am saying is with work, heart and determination, you can make that next step on the ladder of success. 


      Remember this is about making you the the best you that you can be!! With hard work and determination you will be better than the day before( which is the goal). Don't compare yourselves to others ( that is a recipe for bad outcomes) but track your success and plan for the next step. You can't be them...they can't be you either 😉.


      Talent is nice...but heart, determination and HARD WORK will serve you much better. Train hard...stay safe...osssss


Written by AKM Staff member “Rick”

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