Mindset and Preparedness

Mindset and Preparedness discussion in Fairbanks at Alaska at Alaska Krav Maga & Fitness,


In the next chapter of our journey we will discuss mindset and preparedness. This will be a 3part series and I will put the sections out one week apart. We could discuss this topic for days because there has been so much talk and confusion about this area and what it truly means. The first section will be mindset, the second training and philosophy with psychology and advancement last.


     Mindset. What does it actually mean?! The "sheepdog" mentality is a frame of mind and a lifestyle. However, you do not have to be a true sheep dog to have a good sense of safety and regimen for protection. Let's talk about situational awareness.


     This is a common phrase that sounds cliche and is easily used. However, many couldn't describe details if they wanted. Colonel Jeff Cooper is credited with the color code system of awareness so let's examine.


Condition White: Oblivious to current surroundings and potential dangers, often called zombie mode. This is a bad place to be in! The only time you should be in condition white is while sleeping. We see this a lot with cell phone usage, social media and the like. Folks are sooo focused on stimuli that they couldn't tell you who is 2 feet away from them.


Condition Yellow: (general awareness) this is a good place to be in while awake, out and about. This is not paranoia!!! You have a good idea of who or what is around you. A general rule is a 50-foot circle about you. You have a good idea of who is in it, what they look like and determine if there are any potential dangers that they or the area possess.  Where certain doors and potential avenues of escape?  etc. This is usually done with a quick scan of the area when you arrive at a restaurant, movie theatre etc. It isn't rude to look at people and scan!! They'll get over it.


Condition Orange: (heightened awareness)

Something has presented itself as a problem or danger, you begin or expedite your planning.  Orange is a luxury and only works if condition yellow was working properly!! Orange is referred to as a transition color code. When danger has shown itself your first plan should be to exit the area if possible. If not, ready yourself, loved ones with tools and your strategy.

Orange is that slight bit of "heads up" that can mean the world


Condition Red: It is on!! The potential threat is now an active one and it has to be dealt with. Your orange condition allowed you the luxury of a quick planning phase and now you execute your plan. When you do execute you have to do it outright and with ferocity...no excuses you have to go hard until the threat stops or goes away. There is a whole list of caveats and yabuts (ya but) to this such as a use of force continuum and other legal considerations. This is mostly covered in a training phase and we can dedicate time to that.


Condition Black: the bad place... this is a condition that happens when you are so overwhelmed with stress or fear that mentally and physically shutdown.  Your heart rate is very high and as a result your body stresses. Fine motor skills are gone... auditory exclusion, tunnel vision and time distortion can all happen here. Some folks can just plain freeze in place while other can even pass out. Condition black is most commonly seen when folks go from condition white directly to condition red with no warning. They were sitting on the park bench texting and next thing you know 3 folks are assaulting them or doing other bad things. The victim can't comprehend what is happening mentally or physically.... they didn't stand a chance.


     There is another color code that has been discovered, more like engineered, in the past 20 years called Condition Gray which is between conditions red and black.  This is related more to training and psychological performance than the other codes. However, it has shown great things that can be used to your advantage.  We shall cover this in the training section.


     Hopefully questions have been answered concerning the mindset phase. Next, we will cover training, the OODA loop and fear. Train hard...stay safe!


Written by AKM Staff member “Rick”


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