Get Fit & Learn Incredible Adult Martial Arts In Fairbanks

In our martial arts classes, there is something for everyone. Right from fitness, confidence, and self-esteem building, you only get better and evolve with each session. Learn Judo, BJJ, and Muay Thai During Our Adult Martial Arts Training

Alaska Krav Maga & Fitness Adult Martial Arts include:
  • Judo: Focused on the art of the throw, Judo helps you work on taking an opponent from the standing position and put them on their back with force, ultimately working towards a quick submission.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Focuses more on the enhanced ground game and grappling techniques. Our BJJ training will help you work toward submission and gaining leverage over an opponent.
  • Muay Thai: Learn how to strike with every limb of your body. Our Muay Thai training is a heavy dose of mitt work and heavy bag work but for our experienced members, there is also controlled sparring at the end of each class.
  • No-Gi Grappling: Learn how to overcome an opponent on the ground without the constrictions of a GI. Master your submissions and grappling strategies in a practical setting.

Benefits Of Adult Martial Arts

Regular exercise has shown to improve insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular fitness, and body composition while decreasing blood pressure and blood fat levels. A Adult Martial Arts class makes the exercise fun and exciting, led by a dynamic instructor who teaches the fundamentals of self-defense, along with an incredible fat burning routine.
  • Improved flexibility and agility
  • Increased body strength and toned muscles
  • Boost Self-Confidence

Get Fit And Have Fun In Our Adult Martial Arts classes

Get Seriously Fit Fast With Adult Martial Arts Training

Raise your fitness and wellness bar in our martial arts classes where you can experience the ultimate joy of working out and meeting goals. Each workout is a blast because every type is different, and you get a great workout while having fun. It might be your best chance to continue training at a high level with multiple exercises, motivated peers, and highly skilled coaches. Train to gain ultimate fitness!