Our Authentic Law Enforcement Training Techniques Prepare You For Any Self-Defense Situation!

Our adaptation of Krav Maga as it relates to law enforcement training includes arrest and control techniques that will teach you and your staff how to end a violent encounter quickly and safely. 
You'll learn how to gain control over a suspect and how to remain in control of the situation from start to finish.

Our Law Enforcement Training includes:
⦁ Handgun Disarms
⦁ Long Gun Disarms
⦁ Edged Weapon Defenses
⦁ Blunt Object Defenses
⦁ Fundamental & Dynamic Cuffing
⦁ Ground Fighting for Law Enforcement 

Take Advantage Of Our FREE 2 Day Law Enforcement Training Program

Two to three times a year a local police department hosts a FREE two day Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Course which is taught by our staff at our facility. This course is open to any sworn LEO in the state as well as any military units. This program is certified by the Alaska Police Standards Council.