Master Gun Techniques And Close Combat Defense With Our Weapons Training

Don't get caught off guard in a real-world situation of conflict or violence. Our Weapons Training in Fairbanks will help you defend against any threat and keep yourself and your loved ones safe. 
At Alaska Krav Maga, we're proud to offer you a cutting edge approach to personal self-defense and close combat strategies. 

Check Out Our Close Quarter Defensive Handgun Course

It is unlike any course in town. Whether you are an avid competition shooter or have never picked up a handgun, you will learn something from this course.

In this Weapons Training course, we cover the basics and quickly move into shooting on the move and dealing with multiple targets. We work in some clench fighting with our extreme close quarter shooting.
PLUS, we run everyone through 4 separate scenarios with sims/airsoft guns and padded role players and test your ability to operate in a dynamic and ever-evolving situation that is real life.